Environmental conservation and contribution to the community

TechnoPro Group strives to reduce the environmental impact of its business, by for example reducing electricity and paper consumption, and actively engages in activities that prevent pollution and conserve biodiversity.
In addition, we will participate in activities to maintain and improve the aesthetics of the area and raise engagement in cooperation with local people and local governments.

Environmental Philosophy and Basic Environmental Policies of TechnoPro Group

Environmental Philosophy

We are dedicated to protecting the environment and encouraging everyone who works at the Group to participate in environmental activities. We will continue to be a responsible corporate citizen that plays a meaningful role in helping to solve many environmental issues.
In addition, we will use the technology solutions that we provide to clients in a broad spectrum of industries to ensure that our development, design, research and other activities are environmentally responsible.

Established: April 1, 2014
Revised: July 1, 2015

Our Basic Environmental Policies

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations:
    We will comply with social guidelines and environmental protection laws and regulations as well as environmental agreements at TechnoPro Group companies.
  2. Environmental Impact:
    We will use the knowledge and dedication of our workforce to conserve resources and energy, increase recycling, prevent pollution, and take other actions that reduce the environmental impact of our business activities.
  3. CSR Committee:
    We will use our CSR Committee, which consists of senior executives of the TechnoPro Group, for the planning and execution of activities involving environmental protection.
  4. Environmental Awareness and Participation:
    We will use a variety of measures to make executives and employees of the TechnoPro Group more aware of environmental issues and encourage them to participate in programs for protecting the environment.
  5. Disclosure of Information:
    We will give everyone at the TechnoPro Group a sound understanding of our environmental policies and use measures for giving the general public access to information about our environmental policies and activities

Established: April 1, 2014
Revised: July 1, 2015

Pollution prevention

The TechnoPro Group actively participates in activities to prevent and restore environmental pollution through participation and support in river cleaning activities.

Participating in riverbed cleaning activities

We agree with the activities of the NPO Arakawa Clean Aid Forum to eliminate negative impact on the ecosystem from environmental pollution, due to man-made objects such as plastic waste in rivers and oceans. We are therefore conducting cleanup activities of the Arakawa Riverbed in Tokyo, in cooperation with business partners.
In the spring of 2019, employee volunteers and their families participated in collecting garbage such as plastic bottles, and in collaboration with NPOs held environmental awareness classes for children.

Biodiversity conservation

The TechnoPro Group conducts business in the field of technology development, such as the use of genes in drug development and biomimetics (development of new technologies and products by analyzing and imitating the body structure and functions of organisms), and as a result we believe that conservation of biodiversity is an important issue.
The TechnoPro Group engages in awareness activities for improving the environment and conserving biodiversity by holding nature observation classes in collaboration with local governments and business partners.

Biodiversity conservation activities in cooperation with local governments and business partners

In Minato-ku, Tokyo, where the TechnoPro Group headquarters is located, we have organized a ‘Biodiversity Minato Network’ with local businesses to share information on biodiversity, conduct educational activities, and raise awareness. The TechnoPro Group participates in these activities by dispatching lecturers to nature observation events for local residents.
In addition, we cooperate with Mori Building Co., Ltd., the operator of Roppongi Hills where our head office is located, to raise awareness about urban green space and biodiversity conservation.

Support for WWF Japan

TechnoPro Holdings, Inc. supports WWF’s environmental conservation activities as a corporate member of WWF Japan.

About WWF

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is one of the world’s largest conservation NGOs (non-governmental organization). It was established in Switzerland in 1961 with a purpose to protect endangered wildlife. Since then WWF has gradually expanded the activities to cover wider range of biodiversity conservation — from forest or coral reef ecosystems to climate change. Having WWF International, its secretariat, in Switzerland and offices in over 50 nations, WWF operates globally in over 100 nations.

Control of greenhouse gas emissions and resource protection

We are conducting business activities while considering initiatives for reducing carbon dioxide emissions and saving resources and energy, such as the introduction of eco-cars, summer cool biz, automatic PC shutdown at night, paperless meetings, and air conditioner temperature control.

Data on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

Data on GHG emissions resulting from our business activities are as follows. (Counted since July 2019)

  Scope 1
CO₂ emissions of gasoline+diesel
Scope 2
CO₂ emissions of electricity
Jun.2020 18.5 111.6 130.1
May.2020 24.2 124.1 148.3
Apr.2020 36.1 137.0 173.1
Mar.2020 36.3 149.2 185.5
Feb.2020 36.6 134.8 171.4
Jan.2020 38.8 136.4 175.2
Dec.2019 38.1 129.3 167.4
Nov.2019 39.3 133.1 172.4
Oct.2019 40.3 164.3 204.6
Sep.2019 39.3 172.0 211.3
Aug.2019 42.6 154.0 196.6
Jul.2019 40.0 142.3 182.3
  • Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions of Greenhouse gases produced by ourselves.
  • Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions generated by the electricity or heat purchased by a company.
  • Greenhouse gases covered by the data are the same as those under the GHG Emissions Accounting, Reporting, and Disclosure System, that is, energy-origin CO₂, non-energy-origin CO₂, CH₄, N₂O, HFCs, PFCs, SF₆, and NF₃.
  • Only 10 domestic companies of TechnoPro Group

Comparison data of others

We are below average of service industry in CO₂ emissions intensity (CO₂ emission per sales).

  CO₂ / Sales(Millions of Yen)
All industries 1,720
Service industry 0.250
TechnoPro Group 0.014

Source:Daiwa Soken (Japanese only)

Regional contribution

The TechnoPro Group has over 200 bases in Japan and conducts business closely related to local industries and employment. We actively participate in activities aimed at promoting regional economic development and improving living conditions, via activities such as local festivals and events, tree planting and beautification. In addition, we continue to support areas affected by natural disasters.

Continued support for tree-planting activities in Onagawa-cho, Miyagi

In Onagawa-cho, Oshika-gun, Miyagi Prefecture, which was greatly damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, cherry tree planting activities by local volunteers are ongoing to restore the beautiful scenery lost in the tsunami. The TechnoPro Group supports this activity through the donation of seedlings.
In addition, during the tree planting work held in March each year, TechnoPro Group employees participate as volunteers planting cherry trees in various town locations with the local townspeople.