Environmental conservation and contribution to the community

We have determined, in the TechnoPro Group Environmental Policy, the climate change as one of the environmental agendas that the TechnoPro Group should prioritize to address, and set medium-term targets for CO₂ emissions and the number of environment-related technology engineers as KPIs for materiality. In our business activities, we are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by giving due consideration to the conservation of water resources and biodiversity.
In addition, we will participate in activities to maintain and improve the aesthetics of the area and raise engagement in cooperation with local people and local governments.

TechnoPro Group Environmental Policy

We have established the Environmental Polices of TechnoPro Group as a guideline for group-wide efforts in environmental conservation and in fulfilling our environmental responsibilities. This policy is based on the belief that conserving the irreplaceable global environment for future generations is consistent with the pursuit of the TechnoPro Group Purpose, our group corporate philosophy.

1. Basic Concepts Related to Environmental Protection

  • Recognizing that addressing global environmental issues is a common challenge throughout to the world, including our executives, employees, customers, business partners, investors, and local communities:
  1. (1)We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business activities.
  2. (2)We aim to develop and disseminate services that utilize our technology and talents to reduce environmental impact.

2. Areas of Environmental Importance

  • Guided by the TechnoPro Group Code of Conduct and the environmental principles of the United Nations Global Compact, we strive to reduce our environmental impact, particularly in the development and delivery of our services, defining areas of particular importance (Areas of Environmental Importance).
  • These Areas of Environmental Importance are reviewed in accordance with changes in international norms, social conditions, and business activities.

Areas of Environmental Importance

  1. (1)Climate Change
    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the negative impacts of climate change
  2. (2)Sustainable Resource Usage
    Engage in efficient energy usage, waste reduction, and the creation of recycling-oriented societies
  3. (3)Prevent Pollution and Conserve the Environment
    Conduct the appropriate treatment of pollutants and hazardous waste, consider the natural environment, and preserve biodiversity

3. Comply With Environmental Laws and Regulations

  • In pursuing our business activities, we comply with and respond to social norms, laws, rules, and regulations related to environmental protection, international initiatives, and environment-related agreements to which the TechnoPro Group companies have agreed.

4. Conducting Environmental Management

  • We will establish and operate an environmental management system. Further, we will regularly evaluate progress toward targets, the implementation of environment-related activities, and risks and opportunities. In this way, we will strive for continuous improvement in reducing our environmental impact and achieving higher levels of environmental performance.

5. Provide Education, Raise Awareness, and Engage in Community Contribution Activities

  • We sponsor educational and awareness-raising activities to ensure executives and employees understand and practice activities based on this policy.
  • We ask business partners to conduct environmentally friendly business activities to the greatest extent reasonable.
  • We support community contribution activities related to environmental protection.

6. Practice Appropriate Information Disclosure and Communication

  • We disclose information related to our environmental initiatives and services in an appropriate manner to improve our credibility with society. We also emphasize dialogue with our stakeholders.

Published: June 30, 2022

Social Contribution Policy

The TechnoPro Group, as a good corporate citizen, will play a role in solving social issues and contribute to the realization of a prosperous society and its sustainable development, in addition to creating social value through its business activities, The "Social Contribution Policy" is hereby established to clarify the objectives, principles, and areas of focus of our social contribution activities.

1. Objectives and Principles

  • The purpose of TechnoPro Group's social contribution activities is to build a relationship of trust with our stakeholders and, based on that relationship of trust, to create a virtuous cycle that leads to increased corporate value by leveraging our strengths in "technology" and "talent.
  • The TechnoPro Group places importance on the following principles when selecting social contribution activities for it to engage in.
    Public Interest: Contributing to solving issues in the international and local communities
    Transparency: Maintain transparency in decision-making and activities
    Accountability: Be accountable to stakeholders in terms of the relevance to business activities and the significance and effectiveness of activities

2. Focus Areas

  • The TechnoPro Group will focus its social contribution activities on the following areas that are highly compatible with its business strategy, based on its Purpose and materialities.
  1. (1)Development of the Next Generation
    Activities to nurture potential future engineers and researchers by utilizing our accumulated technical capabilities, knowledge, training know-how.
  2. (2)Creation of Opportunities for Diverse Human Resources
    Activities related to the creation and support of international and regional foundations, where engineers and researchers can improve their skills and play more active roles, regardless of gender, age, nationality, disability, or other attributes.
  3. (3)Coexistence with Local Communities
    Activities that contribute to harmony with local communities and sustainable development by identifying needs and issues in each domestic and overseas region in which we operate and contributing to solving them.

Published: June 30, 2022

Pollution prevention

The TechnoPro Group actively participates in activities to prevent and restore environmental pollution through participation and support in river cleaning activities.

Participating in riverbed cleaning activities

We agree with the activities of the NPO Arakawa Clean Aid Forum to eliminate negative impact on the ecosystem from environmental pollution, due to man-made objects such as plastic waste in rivers and oceans. We are therefore conducting cleanup activities of the Arakawa Riverbed in Tokyo, in cooperation with business partners.
In the spring of 2019, employee volunteers and their families participated in collecting garbage such as plastic bottles, and in collaboration with NPOs held environmental awareness classes for children.

Biodiversity conservation

The TechnoPro Group conducts business in the field of technology development, such as the use of genes in drug development and biomimetics (development of new technologies and products by analyzing and imitating the body structure and functions of organisms), and as a result we believe that conservation of biodiversity is an important issue.
The TechnoPro Group engages in awareness activities for improving the environment and conserving biodiversity by holding nature observation classes in collaboration with local governments and business partners.

Biodiversity conservation activities in cooperation with local governments and business partners

In Minato-ku, Tokyo, where the TechnoPro Group headquarters is located, we have organized a ‘Biodiversity Minato Network’ with local businesses to share information on biodiversity, conduct educational activities, and raise awareness. The TechnoPro Group participates in these activities by dispatching lecturers to nature observation events for local residents.
In addition, we cooperate with Mori Building Co., Ltd., the operator of Roppongi Hills where our head office is located, to raise awareness about urban green space and biodiversity conservation.

Support for WWF Japan

TechnoPro Holdings, Inc. supports WWF’s environmental conservation activities as a corporate member of WWF Japan.

About WWF

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is one of the world’s largest conservation NGOs (non-governmental organization). It was established in Switzerland in 1961 with a purpose to protect endangered wildlife. Since then WWF has gradually expanded the activities to cover wider range of biodiversity conservation — from forest or coral reef ecosystems to climate change. Having WWF International, its secretariat, in Switzerland and offices in over 50 nations, WWF operates globally in over 100 nations.

Climate Change

TCFD Disclosure

We expressed our support for the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) at the end of June 2022 and joined the TCFD consortium.
TCFD Disclosure

Regional contribution

The TechnoPro Group has over 200 bases in Japan and conducts business closely related to local industries and employment. We actively participate in activities aimed at promoting regional economic development and improving living conditions, via activities such as local festivals and events, tree planting and beautification. In addition, we continue to support areas affected by natural disasters.

Continued support for tree-planting activities in Onagawa-cho, Miyagi

In Onagawa-cho, Oshika-gun, Miyagi Prefecture, which was greatly damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, cherry tree planting activities by local volunteers are ongoing to restore the beautiful scenery lost in the tsunami. The TechnoPro Group supports this activity through the donation of seedlings.
In addition, during the tree planting work, TechnoPro Group employees participate as volunteers planting cherry trees in various town locations with the local townspeople.

Contributing our Expertise in Recruitment to Help Companies Supporting the Environment

A member of the TechnoPro Group, Boyd & Moore Executive Search has provided recruitment services on a non-fee basis to Plastic Bank, a company that is revolutionizing the recycling global supply chain by using ocean plastic pollution and recycled materials. In this way, it is contributing to environmental issues through its ability to search for suitable candidates in support of companies that are addressing the global plastic issue.
Boyd & Moore Executive Search

Supporting the community as an IT company

As an IT company, TechnoGroup’s Robosoft Technologies, is continuously donating PC and online equipment to schools in India with the goal of improving society and the communities in which society and companies operate. During the pandemic, it provided oxygen cylinders to local hospitals.
Robosoft Technologies Private Limited