Ethics / Anti-Corruption Human Rights Corporate Code of Conduct

Compliance with international rules on employment and procurement

In addition to doing business overseas, we deal with personnel from various countries and regions particularly from various regions in Asia. As a global company, we respect and comply with international rules regarding employment and procurement.

Prohibition of discrimination

We do not tolerate unfair discrimination due to nationality, race, ethnicity, thoughts, beliefs, religion, social status, history, ancestry, bloodlines, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, family status, disability, illness, medical history, etc.

Eradication of forced labour, slave labour, and child labour

We do not use forced labour or slave labour. In addition, we will not use unjust restraints on employees (such as restricting movement without a valid reason, using debt as a pretext for preventing individuals leaving their jobs, etc.), or keeping original copies of identification cards, passports or work visas.
We do not use child labour (allowing a person to work below the age of 15, or below the local age of completing compulsory education).


The TechnoPro Group has established the Guidelines for the purpose of maintaining fair relationships with society and acting in accordance with social ethics, through compliance with laws, regulations, and the TechnoPro Group internal rules and regulations relating to the prohibition of bribery as applicable to the countries and regions in which it conducts business.

TechnoPro Group Anti-Bribery Guidelines: Investors

Employee education and development

CSR training for all managers and employees

To deepen our understanding of corporate social responsibility, we conduct annual CSR training via e-learning for all managers and employees, including engineers.
We strive to ensure that officers and employees are thoroughly aware of noteworthy matters, with a focus on human rights, ethics, anti-corruption, information security, and the environment.

Sales and administrative staff training

We are realizing sustainable growth by creating an environment where engineers can work whilst maintaining health and peace of mind.
For the sales and administrative personnel who support our engineers, we are continually and systematically implementing training in areas such as compliance (with worker dispatch and working standards laws, occupational health and safety laws), risk management, and HR policies, through methods such as group training and e-learning.

TechnoPro Group Code of Conduct

The TechnoPro Group strives to be ethical and conscientious, thereby promoting the sound growth of our own organization and making a positive contribution to society. Accordingly, we have established the following Code of Conduct based on the TechnoPro Group Vision, our corporate philosophy. This Code of Conduct serves as one way in which we practice being a corporate group worthy of the trust of society. The TechnoPro Group establishes and strengthens relationships of trust with our stakeholders as we demonstrate our commitment to compliance and engage in good-faith corporate activities.

TechnoPro Group Code of Conduct: Investors