Win Learning・Win School

Recognizing that “grooming talents” and the realization of diversity will promote sustainable value creation and innovation, the TechnoPro Group is focusing on enhancing its human resource, and education and training systems as part of its investment in human capital, and on initiatives related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Win Learning

Our Training Programs

In addition to about 50 Win Schools in major cities nationwide, the Company offers e-learning and webinar courses, creating an environment in which employees can learn at times that are convenient for them. Our extensive program, the best in the industry, is constantly updated in line with changing needs and technological trends. Employees can enhance their own value by learning and honing their technical and human business skills at all levels, from rudimentary to highly specialized

Efforts to Improve Training Quality

To maintain the quality of training that enables all employees to meet customer needs and acquire skills that are relevant to the times, we employ veteran trainers with extensive practical experience in each field. In addition, trainers and facilities are certified by external organizations to ensure the visibility of training quality.

LMS (Learning Management System)

LMS is a shared platform for the TechnoPro Group. This system provides a standardized learning environment for e-learning and encourages micro-learning. As of July 2022, we offer more than 300 e-learning classes.

Training Courses for Inexperienced Engineers

For those who are new to the industry, we offer intensive, over 30 days training to quickly acquire skills that can be used in specific industries such as automotive development, embedded development and construction management.

Win School

We provide regular opportunities for self-development through the group company curriculum of Win School, an entity that conducts technical training through about 50 classrooms across major Japanese cities.

Win School (Japanese text only)