Win Learning・Win School


The TechnoPro Group operates Win Learning and Win Schools as educational and training programs available to all employees.Win Learning, which is available to Group employees, is a specialized training program and system for engineers and researchers, including technical skills and human business skills required to provide technical services such as design and development. The actual training can be taken at Win schools located in approximately 50 major cities throughout Japan, as well as webinars and e-learning, making it possible to take flexible training regardless of time and location. The Win School can be attended by Group employees, but the curriculum is mainly focused on general learning content, and is open to the general public and corporations.

Our Training Programs

Our training programs can be broadly divided into two streams: People/Business Skills and Technical Skills. Both streams incorporate the latest information and thinking on technology and current trends, and are regularly revised and updated to ensure employees gain the practical skills used on site at clients’ businesses. TechnoPro also creates and implements custom-made training programs designed according to the needs of the client.

People/Business Skills

These programs include training for new hires, and the teaching of leadership, project management, presentation, and communication skills. We also educate employees on subjects including compliance, information security, and mental health.

Technical Skills Training

These programs provide technical skills training in a number of areas including mechanical design, automotive technologies (powertrains, chassis, EV/HEV, ECU, etc.), 3D CAD software (CATIA, NX, Creo, SolidWorks、AutoCAD, etc.), CAE analysis, electronic circuit design, IT, and chemistry.

Our Commitment to Highly Effective Training

TechnoPro Learning strives to ensure its training programs are of the highest standards of quality. We consistently assess and revise them with the aim of increasing their effectiveness, work with third-parties such as Autodesk to ensure our programs undergo the necessary review, authorization, and certification processes, and employ certified and highly skilled training instructors. We are also working to build our reputation as an authorized provider of examination test centers.

Different Ways to Learn

In addition to conducting training programs at its own training centers, TechnoPro Learning also dispatches instructors to regions across Japan, offering hands-on training for 3D CAD, programming, and web design at more than 60 facilities nationwide, and even provides correspondence and e-learning courses for those located further afield. As training centers are open on weekends, students have more flexibility in choosing when they wish to develop their skills, or practice using tools and equipment.

Flexible Training

To provide training opportunities fairly to all employees we offer the following types of services in addition to group training through TechnoPro Training.


We offer a diverse list of e-learning programs that are also accessible via smartphones. E-learning offers efficient learning, even in short bursts, without regard to time, location, or environmental restrictions.

Distance Learning

Working with major distance-learning organizations, we offer distance learning to promote knowledge acquisition among our employees.

LMS (Learning Management System)

LMS is a shared platform for the TechnoPro Group. This system provides a standardized learning environment for e-learning and encourages micro-learning. As of July 2022, we offer more than 300 e-learning classes.


We provide regular opportunities for self-development through the group company curriculum of Win School, an entity that conducts technical training through 55 classrooms across major Japanese cities.

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