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Notice Regarding Shelf Registration Relating to Issuance of Corporate Bonds

Sep 14, 2021

TechnoPro Holdings, Inc. (“TechnoPro”) hereby announces that it has today submitted a shelf registration statement for issuance of its corporate bonds to the Director-General of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau.

In the medium-term management plan “Evolution 2026”, announced on August 10, 2021, the TechnoPro Group has established a medium-term business strategy and M&A policy with financial discipline as one of its future growth paths, and has set a cumulative M&A budget up to 40 billion yen for the next five-year period. In considering various investment opportunities, TechnoPro recognizes that it is an important financial strategy to secure diverse and flexible funding sources while maintaining awareness of the cost of capital.

This shelf registration is, based on the recognition above, intended to establish the capability to carry out timely procurement of funds necessary for the future growth of the TechnoPro Group in conjunction with indirect financing from financial institutions. An overview of the shelf registration is as follows:

1. Offering security typeCorporate bonds
2. Planned issue termTwo years from the planned effective date of the shelf registration
(September 22, 2021 to September 21, 2023)
3. Planned issue amount20 billion yen
4. Use of proceeds1) Repayment of borrowings, and 2) investments

TechnoPro will opportunistically determine the timing, amount, terms and other matters relating to the actual issuance of the bonds, in light of the market conditions.

(Note on translation)
This document is provided for informational purpose only. If there are any discrepancies between this and the original, the original Japanese document prevails.