Service Overview

R&D work requires advanced technical skill and the ability to immediately contribute to a project. But in today’s business environment you also need sophisticated technology, shortened lead times and reduced costs, making it tough to develop your business with only your internal staff.

The specialists at TechnoPro Group support businesses in a wide range of technology-related fields. We provide expert assistance with design, development and business processes such as project management, improvement proposals and consulting.


TechnoPro, Inc. and TechnoPro Construction, Inc. will consider your project variables – such as size, processes and delivery time – and create an optimized solution for engineer dispatch, commissioned and contract work, offshoring and other services. We have four human resources companies to connect you to the best talent, including TECHNO BRAIN COMPANY., LTD., which provides HR placement service, and TechnoPro Smile, Inc., which finds opportunities for skilled workers with a disability.

Covered Areas & Solutions

We cover Mechanical design, electrical/electronic design, embedded software development, information systems/business application development, IT network construction, IT maintenance and operations, chemistry/materials research, pharmaceuticals/bio research, architectural design, and construction management areas, through Engineer dispatch, contract work, commissioned development work at your company’s development center, and placement services.

Outside Japan

TechnoPro Group operates four companies in China that provide human resource services, including engineer dispatch and R&D at our development centers in the cities of Shanghai, Dalian and Hefei. We also undertake offshore development work from outside China, data entry and other types of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and provide localized business support such as incorporation in China and running business operations day-to-day.

Covered Areas & Solutions

Mechanical design; electrical design; software/hardware development; embedded software development; application development; system/IT network construction; offshore development of various kinds of architectural drawings; BPO activities such as payroll, accounting and finance; and business operations support such as incorporation, serving as a hiring agent, providing welfare services, education/training, social insurance procedures, obtaining voluntary insurance and arbitrating labor disputes.

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