Creating a rewarding workplace

We regard human resources as our main business assets, and believe creating a fair and comfortable workplace is essential for employees to maximize their individuality and abilities. We are also working to enhance our HR and welfare programs to enable employees to have a productive life in the TechnoPro Group.

ES survey implementation

In order to detect issues and plan appropriate measures, we conduct an ‘ES survey’ (Employee Satisfaction Survey) annually. As well as feeding back the results of the survey to employees, we regard ‘continuing to improve employee satisfaction’ as a matter of upmost importance, and confirm and verify the effectiveness of the measures in the following year’s questionnaire.

Work-life balance

As a ‘Tokyo Workstyle Reform Declaration Company,’ approved by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in 2016, we are not only complying with laws and regulations, but actively working from a viewpoint of work-life balance to eliminate long working hours and promote vacation taking. We monitor ‘paid leave use’ and ‘average monthly hours of overtime’ as material KPIs. In addition, we maintain leave and reduced hour systems to support balancing work and childcare, so that employees can achieve results regardless of gender or changes in their life stage and situation. Furthermore, we are gradually progressing with initiatives for flexible and diverse work styles, such as the introduction of a system for taking paid leave on an hourly basis, as well as teleworking.

Initiatives for mental and physical health

We are putting effort into health support based on the belief that vigorous work from physically and mentally healthy employees leads to a vibrant company. We are enhancing our various consultation services, beginning with the introduction of EAP services, as well as providing thorough health checkups, working to improve our stress check take-up rate, and other initiatives.

We have been certified as large enterprise category of the 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program for overcoming health-related challenges in communities or for promoting health-conscious activities led by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, and recognizes outstanding enterprises engaging in efforts for health and productivity management.

The TechnoPro Group Health Management Declaration / Health Promotion Structure: Investors

Consultation Systems: About TechnoPro

Mental Health initiatives

Employees receive support from qualified consultants to ensure maximum individual performance

The TechnoPro Group has established a consultation desk for issues confronting employees, allowing employees to devote themselves to their work and maximize their performance.

This consultation is provided by qualified personnel who have a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience. We also have a support system in place to resolve problems and reduce stress before they become major issues.

Having a full lineup of consultants familiar with technical industries and issues faced by engineers.

Dispatching counselors familiar with technical industries and the business of our group (dispatching/contracting/outsourcing, etc.) means we are able to respond smoothly to issues unique to our business. These can include being unable to communicate clearly with staff in charge at the assigned destination, personal relationships within the project team, and differences in policies between dispatcher and dispatched staff.

Fostering an approachable organizational culture

It takes courage for a troubled employee to seek counselling and, in some cases, they may not be aware of needing help. Techno-Pro Group conducts mental health self-care awareness (for employees) and training in line care (for supervisors) to promote the importance of ‘recognizing symptoms early.’ The company strives to create an atmosphere in which people feel comfortable to accept counselling.

Mental Health Counselling
TechnoPro provides professional counselling via a subcontracted EAP (Employee Assistance Program) company. In addition to mental health, counselling on the following is also available:

  • Work related matters: Human relations at work, future career path, etc.
  • Family life: Childcare, nursing care, marital relationships, parent-child relationships, child problems, etc.
  • Social life: Living environment, cross-cultural support, etc.
  • Life events: Sickness, marriage, divorce, etc.

Harassment prevention initiatives

In addition to clearly stating that harassment is prohibited in our work rules, we are creating a comfortable workplace, maintaining an environment where workers can easily have regular consultations by ensuring that the laws and our group policies are well known, and by implementing ongoing improvement via training. In the event an incident occurs, a specialized department will investigate and take appropriate action.

Harassment Counselling
We have access to qualified consultants including harassment prevention consultants, senior industry counselors, & psychological counselors. We accept consultations about various forms of harassment including:

  • Power harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Harassment related to pregnancy, childbirth, childcare leave, nursing care leave, etc.

Establishment of HR system

In order to enable employees to take active roles nationwide and in various positions, we provide allowances related to job appointments, company housing systems, and various subsidy systems for supporting qualifications and self-development, as well as offering job postings to support employee-driven independent career development. In addition, with the aim of improving satisfaction and motivation, we are also introducing a training oriented personnel evaluation system and continuing with management skill training.

Life plan support

We provide a ‘TechnoPro Group Employee Stock Ownership Plan,’ ‘Retirement Benefits (Corporate Defined Contribution Pension System)’ and a ‘Savings System’ to support employee asset formation. In addition to encouraging employees to independently work towards asset creation after retirement by providing information on asset management and investment in defined contribution pension plans, we are making efforts to support employees’ life plans by methods such as holding free ‘money seminars.’

Internal club / society & support system

For the purpose of stimulating communication and interaction among employees, as well as addressing a lack of exercise and promoting mental refreshment, we assist by contributing a portion of activity expenses for internal clubs or societies which have become a company-certified organization and attracted a certain number of employees to attend.


The TechnoPro Group has shop-based labor union, ‘UA Zensen (The Japanese Federation of Textile, Chemical, Food, Commercial, Service and General Workers’ Unions) Human Resource Service General Union (JSGU).’ Throughout the year, labor and management share information on business performance and hold discussions based primarily on solving HR related issues. Going forward, as well as continuing to maintain cooperation for sound labor management through close communication, we strive to create an appropriate business management environment and a rewarding workplace.

Group HR and welfare systems

*System implementation may differ across group companies.

Vacation and leave policies, work and break policies
  • Annual paid leave (half-day, hourly)
  • Special leave (congratulatory and condolence leave, company designated leave, disaster leave, moving leave, etc.)
  • Maternity leave, childcare leave, child nursing leave
  • Extended nursing care leave, nursing care leave
    There are various subsidies (obtaining qualifications, distance learning, courses and training, book purchases, participation in academic conferences)
  • Measures of consideration for working hours associated with childcare and nursing care (overtime work exemption, overtime work restrictions, late night work restrictions, working hour reduction, etc.)
  • Menstrual leave
Various allowance and expense subsidy policies
  • Congratulatory and condolence bonus policy (maternity gifts, wedding gifts, condolence payments)
  • Single employee allowance, lump-sum payment for transfer, moving cost assistance, travel expense assistance
  • Provision of employee dormitories (rented company housing)
  • Various subsidy policies (obtaining qualifications, distance learning, courses and training, book purchases, participation in academic conferences)
Health and social insurance related
  • Health insurance association, welfare and pension, employment insurance, industrial accident insurance
  • General welfare organization term insurance
  • Health examination, stress check
  • Medical Checkup expense subsidy
  • Mental health / harassment / health / childcare / nursing care related consultation
Work Life Balance
  • Flextime and modified working hours policies according to job type
  • Teleworking system introduction (in certain departments)
Asset building support
  • Employee stock ownership plans
  • Retirement benefits (corporate defined contribution pension plan)
  • Asset saving policies
  • Retiree re-employment policy
  • Partnered benefits program “Benefit Station”
  • Preferential mortgage interest rates from partnered financial institutions
  • Corporate gold card (can be held free of annual charge)