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About TechnoPro Group

The TechnoPro Group boasts more than 22,000 engineers and researchers, providing technical services to more than 2,300 clients at any given time in technical areas. These clients primarily include major manufacturers, but also include those in information industry, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, construction companies, public and private research institutions, university laboratories, and public organizations.

As society as a whole moves strongly toward the application of digital technologies, our clients have more and more diversifying needs for our services. Going forward, we will evolve our long-cultivated expertise and enhance service diversity and quality to provide optimal solutions to the many companies and organizations facing challenges in digitalization. By doing this, we will continue to justify our clients' trust in us.

Our Services

  • Proposals utilizing technical personnel services

    • Engineer dispatch
    • Subcontracting services
    • Technical consulting
    • Highly skilled engineer introduction
    • Domestic nearshore, overseas offshore
    • In-house training
    • Follow-up for existing customers

    • Compliance seminars
    • Dispatch law revision seminars
    • Dispatch business operational support
    • Dispatch study group

Engineer dispatch

In order to introduce trending technologies in technical fields where clients have not had prior specialization, and/or to respond to a shortage of engineers, our engineers need to be stationed at the client's place of business in order to receive instructions from the client and carry out their work, in accordance with the provisions of the Worker Dispatch Act. We dispatch engineers with the most optimal coverage of a wide range of technical levels to aid clients in solving their problems.

Clients concerned about rising man-hours devoted to management due to more dispatched workers can both reduce their own work and their engineer management man-hours through our team dispatching, where we dispatch a team to handle tasks managed by one of our leaders, with all under worker dispatch contracts.

Subcontracting services

Development work can be performed on an outsourced basis if tasks can be divided into certain volumes. We can flexibly support different work execution formats as well; for example, a contracted team can be arranged on the client's premises, or work can be brought to our construction development center. TechnoPro handles team setup, member selection, and task assignment to members. The client is responsible for checking progress and schedule, as well as confirmation and acceptance testing of deliverables.

Technical consulting

In instances where clients have a difficult time identifying issues and finding their way to solutions in areas like revising development and design methods, implementing new technologies, and adapting to the shift to digitalization, TechnoPro's technical consultants can provide them with individually-optimized proposals based on detailed interviews about their current situation. We also work with leading-edge technology companies and utilize the Group's network to provide high value-added services to a number of clients both inside and outside Japan.

Highly skilled engineer introduction

As competition for technical talent intensifies, it is no easy task to scour the labor market to find and hire the right talent. TechnoPro has recruited a deep pool of engineers from a wide range of fields. We leverage that knowledge to provide engineer headhunting services, enabling hires of highly skilled engineers.

Domestic Nearshore, Overseas Offshore

The TechnoPro Group has a complete after-sales service system in place in addition to high quality and short delivery times, while being cost-conscious, utilizing the off-site development know-how of group companies in Japan and overseas.

In-house training

The TechnoPro Group has a lineup of more than 500 training programs by rank, function, purpose, and challenge, and is implementing education and training in a multifaceted manner by utilizing external partner institutions, Win School, and others. We analyze the vast amount of data obtained through the operation of our engineer education programs over the years, and provide our clients with programs with proven benefits. Upon request, we can also provide custom training for learning specific tool operation or client-specific development processes.

Broad Technical and Industrial Coverage

The TechnoPro Group boasts coverage in almost all technical fields required by society and industry, and offers technical services in a range of industrial fields.

The TechnoPro Group's Global Network

The TechnoPro's global network goes beyond Japan to encompass China, Southeast Asia, India, and the United Kingdom, providing strong support for client technology development overseas. We offer a variety of solutions in a range of formats to support our clients' business on a global scale, such as sourcing engineering resources at overseas subsidiaries and off-shoring development operations.