Diversity and equal opportunities

Working with disabled people

Through its special subsidiary, TechnoPro Smile, Inc., the TechnoPro Group actively supports the participation of disabled people in society.

TechnoPro Smile

TechnoPro Smile was established as a specialized subsidiary in 2007 and currently operates service centres in five domestic regions. It carries out operations such as data entry, office support and printing.
Aside from support for internal TechnoPro Group operations, it is actively carrying out operational activities for external companies, including work such as customer data entry and sales material printing on a contracted basis. We are creating a place for social participation by gaining customer evaluation and recognition through accurate and thorough work.

Collaboration with local government and social welfare councils

In 2019, TechnoPro Smile signed a three party “Agreement on the Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities through a Collaborative Network” with Nerima Ward and the Nerima Ward Social Welfare Council.
This agreement was initiated following the opening in Hikarigaoka, Nerima Ward (Takamatsu, Nerima Ward, Tokyo) of TechnoPro Smile’s fifth service center nationwide. This was used as an opportunity for discussions among the three parties, during which it was agreed to work together to create an environment to promote the employment of people with disabilities.

Across gender, nationality, and generations

Support the success of women in the workplace

There are many female engineers and leaders active in the TechnoPro Group. We believe utilizing talented people regardless of gender is extremely important for the growth of the Group.
In order that each employee can realize their own career vision and life plan without being discriminated against by gender-related prejudices or ideas of fixed roles, we conduct employee training and support system enrichment, as well as fair personnel evaluations and recruitment based on individual abilities.

Employment of foreigners

The TechnoPro Group actively employs foreign engineers who work in Japan.
In addition to partnering with science and engineering universities overseas to recruit graduates, we invite foreign engineers to Japan and support them with business Japanese courses and training to understand Japanese lifestyle and business practices. Through personnel exchanges utilizing overseas Group companies, we are creating an environment where excellent human resources can play an active role regardless of nationality or language.

Promoting the success of senior generations

In Japan, due to an increasing healthy life expectancy and legal system enhancements, the number of seniors working beyond retirement age is increasing. For engineers, needs and expectations in areas such as technological succession and career advice are also increasing with corporate demand for senior and skilled engineers.
The TechnoPro Group is working toward an employment support system that enables the senior generation to play an active role whilst maintaining health and peace of mind, including taking into consideration the individual's workstyle from the perspectives of retirement hopes, ability and health.