Development of highly skilled personnel and inexperienced personnel

While technological innovations such as AI, big data analysis, automated driving and drone utilization are changing society, there is a striking shortage of engineers and researchers supporting these technologies.
In addition, in Japan, changes in social structure due to the declining birthrate and population concentration in cities mean rebuilding is performed mainly in large cities. Due to this, the development of skilled workers in areas with human resource shortages, such as design and construction, is becoming an urgent issue. The TechnoPro Group is focused on developing engineers who support innovation through the development of highly skilled personnel and the development of vocational skills for inexperienced people.

Development of highly skilled personnel

AI, Data Science

AI was initially introduced mainly into large companies, and now the introduction of AI is being considered by many companies for various purposes regardless of scale or type of business. However, the data scientists, data analysts, and consulting engineers who are key to the diffusion of AI are overwhelmingly lacking, creating a bottleneck for technological innovation.
The TechnoPro Group has collaborated with Japan’s leading know-how companies in the fields of big data analysis and AI such as ALBERT, i’s FACTORY, and LIGHTz, and has jointly developed a training program including OJT. Engineers selected in-house can master data scientist and other skills in a relatively short period of time, and contribute as highly skilled personnel in customer’s internal projects.

Development and design of automobiles and aircraft

In automobiles, autonomous driving at a higher level is becoming a reality due to the spread of operational assist functions, and the automobile concept itself is set to become entirely different from the traditional notion. The development of automobiles with a large number of sensors and controls, and that use the information obtained from them to drive themselves, need embedded software that is incomparable to past requirements as well as an enormous amount of development man hours.
In addition, the importance of simulation is increasing in order to ensure safety and durability as bodies or airframes of automobiles and aircraft etc. are composed of many types of materials, such as metals and carbon fibers, and are used over a long period of time in various environments.
The TechnoPro Group is working in cooperation and collaboration with dSPACE Japan and Integration Technology for model-based development of embedded software, and with the Advanced Simulation Technology Of Mechanics R&D for CAE analysis. It has also established educational training systems in various development and design fields to develop human resources to meet customer needs, such as for major manufacturers.

Adult doctorate system

There is a great need for researchers who have completed highly specialised doctoral courses within basic research conducted at universities, as well as research into applications and development within companies. However, due to expensive college fees, the number of students giving up on doctorate studies in favour of employment after completing a master’s degree is increasing. There are cases where students obtain a doctoral degree while working as a member of society, but in reality the time constraints and tuition fee payment are a significant burden on the individual.
For adult researchers in the field of medicine and biotechnology the TechnoPro Group considers creating a doctoral system environment where students can concentrate on their studies. For those who have passed the company screening there is a system that provides good conditions and allows students to immerse themselves in graduate school research and improve their specialist skills. Favorable conditions include ‘a leave of absence to concentrate on studies, but salary paid in full,’ ‘the entire amount of tuition paid by the company, with repayment exempt upon working for 3 years after obtaining the degree,’ and ‘Company dormitory accommodation provided close to the university.’

Development of inexperienced personnel

Construction Management Engineers

In order to cope with the serious shortage of engineers in the domestic construction market, we have established technical centers in Tokyo and Osaka to train inexperienced individuals to become building construction management engineers.
The training program lasts for approximately 1 month, and covers various curriculums for acquiring comprehensive basic knowledge in areas such as architecture, civil engineering & equipment with courses such as an introduction to architecture, architectural drawings, construction management, introduction to surveying, introduction to civil engineering, and surveying practice.

3D-CAD Designers

Science and engineering graduates with no design experience are employed as CAD designer course trainees. After about 2 months of practical training personnel become trained mechanical designers. On completion of the program, staff are employed as engineers with an active role in automobiles and industrial machinery.